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CONFESSIONS: There is the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Penance on Saturday mornings after Mass at St. Joseph and at 3 PM before Mass at St. Anthony. 

BAPTISM: Parents desiring to have their children baptized are asked to call St. Anthony Rectory and make an appointment with the pastor.

MARRIAGE: Couples are asked to call St. Anthony Rectory to make an appointment with the pastor a minimum of six months prior to making other wedding plans.

ANOINTING OF THE SICK: If someone is seriously ill and or dying and in need of Sacramental Anointing, please contact Fr. Charles at (603) 522-3304 or Please leave the person’s name, person’s physical address, and contact information, so that Father can arrange a visitation.


If you wish to have a Mass celebrated for a loved one or for a particular intention, please fill out the information below and return it in the collection basket at either St. Anthony’s or St. Joseph’s or mail it to St. Anthony’s. The offering is $10.00 per Mass, and we will schedule the Mass on or nearest to the weekday or Sunday you request. Mass Cards are also available for those who may wish to send notice of the Mass to the bereaved.

Mass Intention: _____________________________

By: ____________________________________

Phone: __________________________________

Date/Church  Requested: ________________________